Pin-Point the Foundations of Your Values-Based Business - Self-Guided Notion Course for Solopreneurs

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The goal of this experience is to give you the space and clarity to discover how you can show up simply and naturally in your business—so you can move forward on your own terms, in the ways that feel so very good!

I know what it feels like to design and operate a business in the ways that I had been shown or told business should be done. And I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, mis-aligned, and unmotivated by traditional ways of doing business.

But the beauty in finding our individual flow is that once we can let go of the idea that business has do be done in one specific way, we can open the door to endless possibilities, we can be okay with making things up as we go, we can do things our own way, we can tackle our todo’s from a perspective of passion and playfulness, we can prioritize rest and channeling our energy towards the things we love, and we can design our businesses to work for us rather than the other way around.

Course Material Designed in Notion

This 2+ hr self-guided written and audio based course in Notion focuses on:

  • guiding you back to your strengths
  • defining and visualizing your unique version of success in your dream life
  • getting clear on your intentions

If you decide to join me for an Intensive Experience in the future, whatever you pay will be deducted from your investment in the intensive.

*Pay what you can pricing sliding scale price recommended at $22-$49. Your investment at a higher price will allow other folks to access it at a smaller investment if needed. Your support is appreciated!

This course has been created by Business Designer & Certified Hypnotherapist, Lauren Best.

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Pay what you can for this self-paced course in Notion! The material entails intentional exercises broken down into three phases to guide you back to your strengths, to redefine your unique version of success, and to get clear on your intentions.

2+ hours
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Pay what you can sliding scale recommended $22 - $49
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Pin-Point the Foundations of Your Values-Based Business - Self-Guided Notion Course for Solopreneurs

0 ratings
I want this!